Passion Investment®

In order to meet our investors’ expectations, we launched the bold and innovative concept of Passion Investment® in 2007.

We started from a simple observation: investors no longer have any real connection with their investments. Today’s products are increasingly technical, complicated and impersonal; in other words, they are not particularly exciting. Investors now tend to look for diversification and prefer solutions that offer tangibility and hold a personal interest.

We therefore designed a product that moves away from these “traditional” investments and the market fluctuations – and consequent uncertainty – to which they are subject. We decided to offer our passionate investors an opportunity to invest in new asset classes, in specific niche investment themes corresponding much more closely to their desire for diversification and non-correlation. The idea is to put some excitement back into investing and to recreate the link between investor and product.

In this context, investments in tangible, easily understood assets emerge as an obvious and real alternative to traditional financial investments.

The world of Passion Investment® : fine wines, diamonds, precious stones, manuscripts, art, collectors’ watches and vintage cars, ...

What if you were to invest in your Passions?

The Passion that an individual can have for a precious object is synonymous with pleasure, the achievement of an ambition, enthusiasm, new experiences, desire and excitement.

A financial investment represents a medium to long term commitment, synonymous for some investors with non-correlation, reasoning, understanding the product in which they are investing, performance, diversification and tangibility. Passion Investment® offers investment solutions that stimulate both your imagination and your portfolio. You can combine enthusiasm and excitement with sound reasoning and performance.

These investments are based on tangible assets with a strong emotional connotation, themes and sectors that are strongly un-correlated to the markets. "Passion Investments " bet on  expertise and prestige, while at the same time  privileging  profitability and  pleasure.

These investments rely on tangible assets with strong emotional connotation, these investments relate to themes, sectors that are completely de-correlated from the markets. These "Passion Investments " bet on the expertise and the prestige, while privileging the profitability and the pleasure.

Elite Advisers brings together the concepts of Passion and Investment, enabling you to explore an alternative form of investment within a controlled and regulated environment.

With Passion Investment®: your investment takes a personal character, as an alternative to the virtuality and the complexity of finance. With Passion Investment®, you will invest in tangible assets and benefit from interesting return perspectives.

Did you know?

”Passion Investments” made in 2009 were distributed as follows:

  • 30% was allocated to luxury collectibles: luxury cars, boats, jets, etc.
  • 22% was allocated to art and 23% to jewellery, diamonds and watches
  • Coins, antiques and rare fine wines accounted for 14%. Fine wines remain a starting point for new collectors as entry prices are still low, but more experienced investors also continue to build up their collections
  • 8% was allocated to sports investments: team sports, sailing, horse riding, etc.
  • 3% was divided between memberships of various clubs, travel, musical instruments, etc.

(Source: Capgemini - Passion Investments - 2010)