Investing in tangible assets

The risks of a portfolio investing in tangible assets on its own or held as part as a diversified portfolio of equities and bonds is significantly lower compared to a portfolio of equities and bonds only. Such a portfolio used as a mean of diversification in a traditional portfolio allocation will boost the returns if the portfolio is merely invested in cash or function as a moderator in a portfolio invested in commodities, emerging markets. Investors today and in particular in these difficult times are looking for diversification, de-correlation, low volatility and good return. This is what alternative investments have been doing for some time now and there is also a future for these strategies in normal conditions too. Investing in collectibles is a viable and serious tool for investment diversification.
Passion InvestmentTM offers you different opportunities of investment among the class of the tangible assets: fine and rare wines, collectors’ watches. Other themes worth to be studied: horses, manuscripts, art and vintage cars, ...