A sublime investment

Precious gems from all over the world hold a unique fascination. Their story of discovery, design and ultimate destination are unrivalled by any other commodity. The allure of sparkling rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and pearls is timeless. Fashioned into rare and outstanding jewellery pieces they reflect the hopes, dreams and emotions of both the giver and the wearer.

Exquisite, exclusive jewellery passes through generations of wealthy families, telling a tale of love and life at any given moment in time. It is this irresistible combination of history and a story still unfolding that makes precious gems such a valuable and prestigious investment opportunity. 

Jewellery, Gems and Watches accounted for some 22% of all passion investments in 2010. Record prices for diamonds at international auctions in 2010 reflected the growing trend among the world’s wealthy to see large diamonds as a high-growth investment alternative. Current demand at the highest end of the market appears to be from Russia, the Middle East, China and other Asia-Pacific countries where their wealth increases and their desire for sophisticated stones and unique jewellery grows constantly.